About Me

It’s not easy for me to sit down and write about who I am. Telling a story about myself makes me feel like I’m gloating or patting myself on the back. Similar to writing a bio for a dating site or even a resume, I tend to shy away from having to write about myself. The truth is, my art and my photography is nothing less then a reflection of my own feelings and personality; sometimes dark, sometimes dramatic and seldom boring.

My journey into photography is new. I discovered it when I relocated from California to New Mexico in 2016. Growing up in California I became somewhat desensitized to the beautiful landscapes and never had an interest in photography. I thought photography was for nerds!

New Mexico was so different, I was instantly taken by the beautiful and vast desert landscapes, the amazing sunrises and sunsets and the wide open spaces. I was instantly hooked on photography. I now had this passion to find new and interesting subjects to capture, about learning the craft and passionate to share what I had captured.

I spent a year and a half in New Mexico before moving on to Charleston, South Carolina, where I currently reside. Why have I relocated twice? I make my living as what most people call a Bounty Hunter. We prefer to call it fugitive recovery because it’s sound much more benign and less like that guy on TV. It’s the same concept, I go after people who are fugitives. My job requires me to travel within the United States so, if I have free time, I’ll bring my camera along.

I created this site so I could share what I see, what I feel through my images. Yes, most of my images are black and white and they are that way for a reason. I believe color can sometimes be a distraction from the real essence of the image, the mood and the feeling it evokes.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy creating them!